Monday 7th of September 2020 02:20:23 PM

Welcome Home Sean!
Congrats on your PAROLE! Remember, you can’t be within 100 yards of that sheep farm!

Cat sleeping on a stand with golden rings.


Mary Beth wished for snow on her wedding day.
Yes I did. It was 32 degrees and no snow on my wedding day… But I had 8 inches on my honeymoon.

Captain Gast was a living legend – the most revered officer in the Galactic 1 Empire. No soldier alive could claim as storied a career as the captain. The Captain’s youthful face belied a ruthless tactical mind. At the age of 28, Gast was the youngest officer in the history of the
Imperial Fleet to command a ship.

The central monitor of the bridge flashed, “Incoming Message General Ariss.” Brushing a red lock from her eyes, Captain Gast answered the call.

“Moshi moshi, General-kun! Captain Gast desu~!”

… the hell am i reading?

To get karma I need to post, right?


So, I can post here, right?


Therefore, I can get karma from my post?

I don’t see a problem.

Here, have my amazing post.

Must have more karma to be able to post. Your post has been deleted.